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Why are my social sharing tools posting incorrect or incomplete content?

Why are my social sharing tools posting incorrect or incomplete content?

Your Aarcade theme includes extended meta tags - defining images, titles, descriptions and more - to ensure optimised social network sharing. You do not need to add extra meta tags or coding for this purpose.

Some of the common reasons why social sharing tools - such as Tweet, Like, Share, etc. buttons - may post incorrect or incomplete content include:

HTML Frames

If you are using HTML frames to apply your custom domain, this will cause issues with your sharing tools as well as other important Big Cartel shop functions.

To resolve this issue, refer to Correcting a HTML frame custom domain

Custom Domain

If you have recently applied a custom domain to your Big Cartel shop, you may need to wait up to 48 hours before your domain settings resolve globally. If you are not certain that you have correctly applied your custom domain, refer to Big Cartel's custom domain support article

If you are using the root of your custom domain for your shop and you have entered your domain setting as..

..this can cause errors and should be corrected to..

Maintenance Mode

If you have maintenance mode enabled in your Big Cartel admin, your social sharing tools (as well as your customers) will not be able to access your shop content and will instead only see your maintenance message.

To resolve this issue disable your Maintenance Mode, if you are ready to take your shop live. Refer to Big Cartel's Settings > Options article.

Social Network Caching

Some social networks will cache the data associated with a particular URL. For example, you may have disabled Maintenance Mode as described in the previous section, but still see your maintenance message when testing your social sharing tools.

You may be able to force specific content to refresh in a social network’s cache by copying the associated URL and pasting it into their developer tools. Some examples are:


For other social networks, and in general, you will simply need to wait until caches are naturally refreshed.

AarcadeWhy are my social sharing tools posting incorrect or incomplete content?