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Which theme do you recommend for me?

Which theme do you recommend for me?

All Aarcade themes include the same extensive feature list and the Aarcade admin area allows you to easily change theme colours, fonts, the size of your product grid and much more.

With this in mind, you should choose a theme based upon your own preferences. Review all of the theme previews carefully, and consider which layout most closely matches your brand / products and the new shop appearance you desire. Consider the position of the main elements — i.e. header, navigation menus and footer — as these are the key elements that define what variations of a theme will look like.

For example, consider the theme Tupelo. With a plain white background and all small monospace font, it would look significantly different but the position of the header, navigation menus and footer would not be changed.

It’s a collection

After your purchase, you can then edit and preview any theme in our collection. This is a much easier way to then decide on a specific theme to install. It’s why we created the collection system.

I’m trying to match the appearance of a specific site

Please refer to Can I make an Aarcade theme look like...?

AarcadeWhich theme do you recommend for me?