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What is Big Cartel? What is Aarcade?

What is Big Cartel? What is Aarcade?

Big Cartel

Big Cartel is a platform that provides everything you need to start your own online shop. You can launch a shop now in just a few minutes, and there is no cost and no obligation when you sign up for a Gold account. To get started, visit the official Big Cartel web site.


A theme is something you activate in your Big Cartel account, that defines the way your site appears and functions for your customer. You can change themes at any time without affecting your current products and custom page content. Big Cartel provides free themes, so you do not need Aarcade to have a Big Cartel shop.

We encourage you to create an account at Big Cartel first, to test drive your new shop. Then you can decide if you would like to add the choice of layouts and advanced features that come with an Aarcade theme collection.


Aarcade is a project developed by Featherweight to provide themes exclusively for the Big Cartel platform. We have been developing on Big Cartel since their early years. We are passionate about using this experience to provide truly useful theme features beyond that of any other theme. This is evident by the many features that we have pioneered, the majority of which continue to be unique to Aarcade’s themes today.

To purchase an Aarcade theme collection, visit the Aarcade main site.

AarcadeWhat is Big Cartel? What is Aarcade?