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What are the terms of use for Aarcade themes?

What are the terms of use for Aarcade themes?

You may:

  • install and use a theme from your collection(s) on one Big Cartel shop account owned by you, your business or your client
  • make any necessary modification(s) to a theme to suit your needs
  • access Aarcade theme admin, support and update services

You may not:

  • install and use a theme (in part or in whole) on more than one site or Big Cartel shop account
  • share, redistribute, sell or otherwise transfer a theme (in part or in whole) to any third party
  • return a theme or license for refund, exchange, discount or credit

Aarcade does:

  • provide support (via our support site) for customising themes via in-built features and functions
  • make every effort to keep the latest theme versions bug-free and compatible with Big Cartel and modern web browsers
  • provide theme files for in-version updates, free of charge
  • reserve the right to revoke your license at its own discretion
  • reserve the right to suspend support for a theme if it has been significantly customised

Aarcade does not:

  • make any warranty whatsoever with respect to the theme or its support
  • provide support or services for customisation of themes beyond that allowed by in-built theme features and functions
  • provide theme files for next-version upgrades, free of charge


Aarcade is a Featherweight Project. As such, the use of Aarcade’s web sites, products and services is subject to Featherweight policies in their entirety. The above list is an overview of an Aarcade theme license. This list is provided for convenience only, and does not replace or supersede the actual license policy or any of the applicable policies detailed at Featherweight policies.

AarcadeWhat are the terms of use for Aarcade themes?