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Troubleshooting Aarcade theme issues

Troubleshooting Aarcade theme issues

Please review ALL OF THIS ARTICLE before contacting Aarcade. Click each title to reveal instructions.

Start with checking your web browser

Corrupt, outdated and/or standards-lagging browsers can cause many issues with web user interfaces and layouts. If you are experiencing issues with your theme, the best first step is to check your browser by carrying out the following steps (stopping at a step if it resolves your issue):

  1. Log out of all admin areas, close your browser and restart it. View your shop in the public space, and refresh by clicking the circular arrow icon in your browser toolbar.
  2. Upgrade your browser to the latest available version - refer to your browser help for more information.
  3. Clear your browser cache - refer to How to Clear Your Browser's Cache.
  4. Clear your browser cookies - refer to How to Clear Your Browser's Cookies.
  5. Disable any plugins or addons you have installed to your browser, typically this is done via your browser’s preferences control - refer to your browser help for more information.
  6. Restart your local computer, devices and network (modem, etc.).
  7. Download a different web browser listed in our recommended web browsers.
  8. Test from a different computer/device and location to completely rule out your browser and local network as a factor in your issue.

Reinstall your theme and follow ALL instructions

The most common cause of theme issues is failing to follow ALL of the installation instructions completely and precisely or corrupting theme code during or after installation.

Reinstalling a theme addresses the majority of theme issues and also ensures that you have the latest theme version installed, which may include bug fixes and improved features.

Reinstall your theme now and follow ALL OF THE STEPS of the official installation instructions.

Are some pages of your shop working correctly while other pages are not?

If your theme appears broken only in one area of your shop, it is very likely that you have incorrectly installed a particular theme page. Reinstalling your theme will correct this issue. Refer to Reinstall your theme and follow ALL instructions above.

Have you edited anything in the Customize design > Advanced area after installation?

If you have added any custom code to the CSS, Layout, Home, etc. files in your Advanced admin panel, reinstall your theme now — see Reinstall your theme and follow ALL instructions above. Do not include any custom CSS in your installation and do not edit any pages in your Advanced admin panel after installation is complete.

If this corrects your issue, your code customisation is the source of your issue.

Customising the code in your Advanced panel should be your last resort and is not supported by Aarcade. Instead, please use the Insert Content method.

If you must add custom coding to your theme files, you can either add your code back piecemeal to pinpoint the erroneous block of code, or you can seek assistance for applying your customisation if necessary - see How do I customise my theme beyond the standard settings?.

Do you have Insert Content pages?

Temporarily disable all of your Insert Content pages by adding an x at the start of their page names in the Customize design > Pages area of your Big Cartel admin. For example, the page title…


…would be changed to…

x x-ic-before-home

If this corrects your issue, reactivate your Insert Content pages one at a time — by removing the x prefix — and note which page reintroduces your issue. You can then review the content of that page to find and address the coding error.

Do you have a custom domain?

Are you using HTML frames to apply a custom domain?

If your browser address remains exactly the same as you navigate around your shop - for example your cart page URL is instead of - then you are using a HTML frame to apply your custom domain.

This can cause numerous problems with your theme. To correct this, refer to Correcting a HTML frame custom domain

Have you set up your custom domain correctly? Does your “View store” link work?

If your admin area View store link does not link to your shop home page and/or your Store > Settings - Domain Test domain button generates an error, your custom domain is not set up correctly. This can cause numerous problems with your theme. To correct this, refer to Big Cartel's custom domain support article.

Does your issue occur inside the preview area, but not when viewing your shop directly?

Do you see old content or your old web site?

The most common cause for this issue is persistent browser or local network caching. If you have already restarted your local modem / network and cleared your browser cache you can force your DNS to flush using the methods described in How do I flush my cache of old domain data?

Checking your shop from other devices and locations can help confirm whether the caching issue is restricted to your local device or network.

If you have recently applied a custom domain to your shop, and the above does not address your issue, you may have incorrectly set up your custom domain. In this case refer to Big Cartel's custom domain support article and contact your domain registrar for personal support if required.

Do you see inserted ads and links to other sites or other spammy behaviour?

It should go without saying that your Aarcade theme will never insert content into your layout that is not related directly to your shop and your theme settings. The most common causes for seeing such content are listed below:

  1. Some web browser plugins will insert links to “related” or “similar” items on the web into the pages that you browse. To test if this is the issue, install a different web browser - see Choosing the right web browser - or use a different device, and see if the issue is present on that different browser or device. If the issue is not present, this confirms that it is specific to your web browser. You will need to consult your browser / plugin support to uninstall the responsible plugin.

    Sometimes the inserted content may display a common plugin brand name, website or help link, in which case following these links or Googling “how do I uninstall BRANDNAME” might also lead you to a suitable fix.

  2. Some malware (i.e. computer viruses, spyware, etc.) may insert unwanted ads or content into your browser pages. If the issue is not present on other devices, this confirms that it is specific to your device and may be malware. Install or update you preferred virus scanning software and scan your device accordingly.

    As with item 1, Googling a description of what you are seeing might also lead you to a suitable fix.

  3. If you are seeing the issue on different devices and browsers, this is most likely due to code that you have inserted after your theme installation to customise your theme. Code examples provided by untrusted web sites may insert spam content into your site. Refer to the previous section Have you customised your theme coding? of this article to address this issue and never use code examples from untrusted sites.

Still broken?

If you continue to have issues with your theme after working through this article, please contact Aarcade support for assistance.

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