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My pages are taking a long time to load

My pages are taking a long time to load

The following sections cover common causes of long load times for your Big Cartel shop pages.

New image sizes

When you change your theme, the images displayed in your product grid may be a different size. With an Aarcade theme, the number of columns you set for your product grids will influence this sizing.

New image sizes can cause increased page load times for the following two reasons:

1. Big Cartel image size generation

When new product image sizes are required, the Big Cartel platform needs to generate these images. This can cause long load times for any page that includes product images. This will only occur once or twice for each page and only for the very first visitor (i.e. once the images are generated then they are available for everyone).

To test if this is the cause of a long page load time, visit the page and reload it (i.e. click the circular arrow icon in your web browser toolbar). Repeat this if all of the product images are not loaded correctly. If the page load times return to normal on subsequent reloads (after the product images have all been generated), then the image generation is the likely cause. This issue will resolve itself once all of the new product image sizes have been generated.

2. Larger images being used

If your Aarcade theme is loading larger product images than your previous theme, your page load times will be increased by comparison because larger images means more data to load. This is especially true on high pixel density displays (a.k.a. retina displays) where images will be loaded at up to two times larger than they appear.

There is no way to reduce page load times caused by larger images other than to use smaller images sizes and ensure that your images are formatted and sized correctly (see next section).

Incorrectly formatted and/or sized images

When image files are not formatted or sized for the web, they can have excessively large data sizes which will cause long page load times. This is a common error made with slide show and other feature images. You can check the data size of images on any of your pages using your web browser developer tools - see the web browser tutorial - or by checking the file info of the same image located on your computer / device.

To format and size images correctly, refer to the support article Photography and image files.

Inserted media or script

If there is inserted media (audio, video, etc.) or script in the content of the page that is loading slowly, remove these and test your page again. If the page loading issue is resolved, review the code you are using for the media / script accordingly.

Other factors

If you are still experiencing long page load times, review your theme installation per Troubleshooting Aarcade theme issues.

AarcadeMy pages are taking a long time to load