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How do I upgrade my theme?

How do I upgrade my theme?

Upgrade vs Update

Upgrade refers to changing your theme from an older version number to the latest version, e.g from version 2 to version 3. Aarcade themes do not progress to a new version number unless there are very significant changes to the product. This does not happen very often. For example, version 2 remained active for over 3 years.

Update refers to changing your theme to the latest release within your current theme version, e.g. from version 3.1 to version 3.2. Updates may include new features, bug fixes, etc. and are provided free of charge. For version 3 updates, refer to How do I update my theme? For version 2, refer to section Using version 2 themes below.

Upgrade to version 3

Version 3 of Aarcade was launched in November of 2014, 3 years after version 2. The themes, and all of the supporting sites, have been built from scratch with many new features and tools. The collection system provides access to multiple themes, worth hundreds of dollars in the version 2 pricing structure, and a private admin area allows you to edit, preview and save multiple theme variations.

Due to over a year of development time invested, the ongoing cost of hosting an admin area and the significant difference between versions, upgrading to version 3 requires the purchase of a new license at standard pricing. To do this, go to the Aarcade home page and click the Buy Now button to proceed with purchase.

What’s new with version 3?

Aarcade no longer maintains an exhaustive theme feature list. Instead, we have opted for the more approachable feature descriptions on the Aarcade home page, under the title Why Aarcade? These descriptions cover the major changes that have been applied in version 3.

If you wish to delve deeper into the features available, you can browse this FAQ section which includes articles such as How will my Aarcade themes be delivered? and How does Aarcade theme installation work?

You can also explore the rest of this support site, which includes support articles for all new shortcodes, insert content pages, etc. as well as the article Transitioning from an older Aarcade theme version, provided to help version 2 users transition custom content for the new theme version.

Using version 2 themes

Version 2 themes remain fully functional on the Big Cartel platform and retain their own support site at Aarcade Version 2 Theme Support. Version 2 theme updates ended at core release 9.

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