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How do I manage multiple product option groups on the product page?

How do I manage multiple product option groups on the product page?

The product option selector on Aarcade themes is limited by the Big Cartel platform to a single list of options. While our themes include settings that allow you to easily display this list as a drop-down or a radio button list, they do not currently allow the separation of product options into more than one list.

How do I manage multiple product option groups in the mean time?

You can still provide multiple product options to your customer via your single option selector. For details on adding and editing product options, please refer to Big Cartel's product support article.

For example, a single option list for a product with multiple option groups (in this case colour and size) might be entered in the Big Cartel admin Product edit area as..

  • Red - Small
  • Red - Medium
  • Red - Large
  • Blue - Small
  • Blue - Medium
  • Blue - Large

..resulting in the product page drop-down selector..

Dealing with long option lists

If the amount of options required becomes cumbersome using this method, we recommend splitting the one product into two or more separate products. With the above example, we could create two products as “Red Product” and “Blue Product”. You can link between split products if it is important to convey to your customer that there are more options. For example, in the “Red Product” description we might add a link:

<a href="/product/blue-product">Get this product in Blue</a>

Other methods for managing multiple product options

Some other methods for managing multiple product options include:

  1. Enable and customise your Big Cartel order notification - see Big Cartel's Notifications article - to prompt your customer to reply with the additional product detail required, e.g. “IMPORTANT: Please reply to this email to confirm the text to be engraved on your bracelet”. For further support with your notification system, contact Big Cartel.
  2. If you are using PayPal standard off-site checkout, you can enable Aarcade’s “Notes at PayPal Checkout” system from our version 2 themes. Support for this option is limited to the documentation provided (i.e. we do not provide any personal support for applying this system). For more information, refer to section Notes at PayPal Checkout at the end of our article Transitioning from an older Aarcade theme version.
AarcadeHow do I manage multiple product option groups on the product page?