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How do I hide a page?

How do I hide a page?

To remove a page link from your menus, navigate to the Pages panel in the Customize design area of your Big Cartel admin, drag the page down and drop it below your last menu divider. See section Ordering and moving items between menus of How do I edit my navigation menus in my Big Cartel admin? for complete details.

Preventing search engine indexing

All of your pages are listed in your sitemap, so search engines like Google can find a way to your page, even if you have removed its link from your menus. To prevent this indexing, you can add a noindex meta tag to your page.

These instructions make use of the insert content method detailed in our support article Insert Content - Metadata and Scripts. Please read this article before proceeding.

As an example, let’s say we have three pages called “My Hidden Page”, “Another Hidden Page” and “I’m Also Hidden” and we do not want any of them to be indexed. We do this with the noindex meta tag as follows:

1. If we already have a x-ic-head-code page we navigate to it. Otherwise we create the page in our Customize design > Pages admin area with the exact title..


..and, this is important, we switch to HTML edit mode per How do I switch to HTML edit mode?

2. Take particular care here, as inserting a noindex meta tag into our public pages may negatively affect our SEO. Using the method described in section Page specific content of How do I switch to HTML edit mode?, we add to our x-ic-head-code content the conditional statements for each page:

{% if slug == 'my-hidden-page' %}

<meta name="robots" content="noindex">

{% elsif slug == 'another-hidden-page' %}

<meta name="robots" content="noindex">

{% elsif slug == 'im-also-hidden' %}

<meta name="robots" content="noindex">

{% endif %}

We used the variable slug, instead of, as slug will remain constant even if we later change the name of our pages.

3. We click the Done button and then click the Save link to apply our changes.

4. Finally we double check the HTML rendered in the public side of our shop front — using the tools built into our web browser per the web browser tutorial — to ensure that the noindex meta tags are rendered for the correct pages and not for our public pages.

Checking the results of your changes — item 4 above — is important. Errors in your x-ic-head-code page may break your layout and/or negatively affect your SEO.

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