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How do I edit product categories and subcategories in my Big Cartel admin?

How do I edit product categories and subcategories in my Big Cartel admin?

Your product category system works the same with your Aarcade theme as it does with Big Cartel’s standard themes, i.e. if you add categories, and assign active products to them, links to those categories will be automatically displayed in your menu. The following section Editing product categories describes this standard method for adding product categories. You can also refer to Big Cartel's product support article for their instructions on the same system.

What is different about your Aarcade theme category system is that it also supports the following:

These extra features are optional. You can ignore them, use one of them or use all of them.

Editing product categories

Navigate to the Products section of your Big Cartel admin area and click either the Add Product button or any product title.

Product page in Big Cartel admin area

Click Edit Categories on the Edit Product page.

Edit categories in Big Cartel

To add a category click the Add Category button.

Add a category in Big Cartel

Enter your new category name and click OK.

Enter category name in Big Cartel

To reorder categories, click the move icon next to a category name, hold and drag the category, then drop it in place to create the category order you want for your shop navigation menu.

Edit product category order in Big Cartel

To edit existing categories, click the edit link next to relevant category name or click the X icon to delete a category.

When you have finished editing categories, click the Done Editing button.

Save category changes in Big Cartel

Don’t forget to add products to categories by checking the category names. A category will not be displayed in your shop navigation until you at least one active product added to it.

If you have edited your product, click the Save button at the bottom of your Edit Product page.

Save product changes in Big Cartel

Product subcategories

A Big Cartel subcategory is added in the same way a normal category is added (see above section).

Before entering your subcategory name, first identify the Parent Category, i.e. the category under which your new subcategory will be located. For example, let’s say our Parent Category is Clothing.

Big Cartel Subcategories

In most cases you will want products added to the Parent Category, so we have checked Clothing accordingly in our example.

A new category will become a subcategory if we simply follow the subcategory naming structure:

Parent Category Name - Subcategory Name

The parent category name must be written exactly as it appears in the category list and the parent and subcategory names must be separated by ” - ” (note the space either side of the hyphen).

So if the subcategory we wish to add in our example is Pants, then the name we enter will be:

Clothing - Pants

Pants Subcategory Big Cartel

It is good practice to drag your new subcategory to group it with the parent category.

Reorder Subcategories

Finally, check the subcategory if you wish to assign it to the current product.

Big Cartel Subcategories

Always click the Done editing when you are finished editing categories. Also click the Save button at the bottom of your page edit controls if you have edited the current product.

Like all product categories, subcategory links will not be displayed in your menus until products are added to them.

Parent not required

Your subcategories do not need a parent category to be present and, in some cases, a parent may not be desired. In our example, this would be achieved by deleting the category named Clothing, leaving only the subcategories.

When no parent category is present, the result displayed in your shop menu is exactly the same. The only difference is that the parent category link can not be clicked, i.e. it is no longer a link to a category.

By default your category links will be added to the end of your Category Menu. You can change the location of these links via the x-sp-categories special menu item - see How do I edit my navigation menus in my Big Cartel admin?

AarcadeHow do I edit product categories and subcategories in my Big Cartel admin?