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How do I edit colours in my Big Cartel CSS file?

How do I edit colours in my Big Cartel CSS file?

Editing your theme CSS file (as detailed in this article) is not the preferred method for changing your theme style.

Instead, wherever possible, use the tools provided at your Aarcade admin area per How do I edit my theme's styles and options?

Manually editing colours

In some cases, you may wish to manually edit your colours in the CSS theme file at your Big Cartel admin area.

To do this, locate your CSS edit controls and scroll to the COLOURS section - as detailed in the support article What is my Big Cartel CSS file? - to review and edit existing colour values.

For example, let’s say we have uploaded a background image and now want the content area in front of that image to be white. In the COLOURS section, we locate the Layout and Header Colours sub section and then the Wrap Background colour setting:

/* - - - - Wrap Background */
{% assign wrap_background = 'transparent' %}

Note that this element is currently see-through / invisible because the colour value is set to transparent. We can change this value to any valid colour setting - see CSS-colour tutorial. For example, to make the wrap background white:

/* - - - - Wrap Background */
{% assign wrap_background = '#ffffff' %}

Click the Done button and then the Save link to apply your changes.

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