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How do I customise my maintenance page?

How do I customise my maintenance page?

To customise the content of the maintenance page we use the insert content methods detailed in the article Insert Content - Maintenance Page.

Do not use shortcodes with these insert content methods. Shortcodes are not enabled on the Maintenance page.

For example, we can replace our standard maintenance message, which is..

<h1>My Store Name</h1>

<p>We are currently carrying out maintenance.<br>
Please check back soon.</p> creating a new page named..


..switching to HTML mode (if using HTML) and adding our own content..

<h1>Thanks For Visiting</h1>

We will be launching our new site in January. Please be sure to come back and see us then.

In the meantime, keep track of our progress and some previews of our new products at our <a href="">Blog Page</a>.

Note that any valid HTML and/or JavaScript - that is allowed within the HTML <body> tag - can be added within the x-ic-maintenance page. This means that you can use embed code from tools like MailChimp and AddThis to display a newsletter signup, social network icons and so on.

Changing the maintenance page title

By adding text to the end of our insert content x-ic-maintenance page name..

x-ic-maintenance New Site Coming Soon

..we can replace the default meta title Maintenance Underway - My Store Name with New Site Coming Soon.

Customising the maintenance page style

Additionally you can use the method described in the support article Using the body tag to create page specific custom styles to add custom CSS specific to the maintenance page. For example, to display a custom background image on your maintenance page you might add the following to your custom style coding area — see Where do I add custom style code?:

/* Maintenance page background image */
body#maintenance-page {
	background-image: url("");
	background-repeat: no-repeat;
	background-position: center top;
	background-attachment: fixed;
	background-size: cover;

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