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How do I add related or other products to my product page?

How do I add related or other products to my product page?

You can insert text and custom content on product pages using any of the Insert Content methods detailed at Insert Content - Product Page.

For example, to create the “You may also like…” products displayed on many of our theme previews:

1. Create a page in your Customize design > Pages admin area with the exact title:


Note, if you already have an x-ic-after-product page, you can navigate to that page and add to the existing content per the following steps.

2. Important: Switch to HTML edit mode (see How do I switch to HTML edit mode? for details).

3. Paste the following content into the x-ic-after-product page:

[[clearspace height="30"]]

<h3>You may also like...</h3>

[[products order="category" columns="8"]]

4. Click the Done button and then click the Save link to apply your changes.

Note that we use the [[clearspace]] shortcode — see Shortcodes - Add or remove space — to create some space between our standard product page content and our new content, we use the HTML tag <h3> to define the heading “You may also like…” and the [[products]] shortcode — see Shortcodes - Product grids — to display our related products.

When customising / creating your own “related” or “other” products, note that the [[products]] shortcode offers a number of options for controlling which products, and how many, are displayed. The order="category" option used in the example above is typically preferred, as it displays products relevant to the main product and the category previously viewed by the customer.

Check outside your preview area

Always check that your related products load outside of your admin / preview area (i.e. viewing your shop directly at or your custom domain). It is expected that products will not be displayed in the admin / preview area in some cases.

For more information on this and other items that can prevent products from displaying, refer to the Shortcodes - Product grids article.

AarcadeHow do I add related or other products to my product page?