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How do I add a slide show to my Big Cartel home page?

How do I add a slide show to my Big Cartel home page?

Slide shows can be inserted in any page using the [[slideshow]] shortcode. For a simple example of displaying a slide show on your home page, apply the following steps.

1. Create a page in your Customize design > Pages admin area with the exact title:


2. Important: Switch to HTML edit mode per How do I switch to HTML edit mode?

3. Paste the following code into the content of the new page:


4. Click the Done button and then the Save link.

Your preview area will display a “…Special purpose pages are not displayed as standard pages…” message because the x-ic-home page, like all insert content pages, does not display any content.

You will need to navigate to your home page to see the results of your inserted content.

If you view your home page, you will see that you have now replaced your home page content with a slide show.

This slide show will display our sample images, so you will need to replace these images with your own. You may also wish to add options to your slide show (e.g. add links, captions and navigation) or display the slide show along with your product grid and/or other custom content. All of this is covered in the following sections.

Adding your own images

To replace the sample images with your own, refer to How do I upload images or files for my Big Cartel page content? to prepare, upload and retrieve public URL’s for your images (no hosting required).

Once you have your own image URL’s, go back to your [[slideshow]] shortcode and replace our sample URL’s. For example:


Note that you do not need to use the same number of images. In the above example, we’ve replaced the 4 sample URL’s with only 3 of our own.

Using the Slideshow uploader

Note that you can also use the Slideshow image uploader in your Big Cartel admin area to upload images (as an alternative to using a remote storage option like Dropbox or Imgur). This is explained in the Shortcodes - Slideshows article linked in the next section of this article.

For example, to create a slideshow that displays all of the images you upload to the Slideshow image uploader, the [[slideshow]] shortcode would be:


Slide show options

There are a number of options available to customise your slide show, e.g. add links, add captions, add navigation, use the Slideshow image uploader, etc.

For the complete instructions on using the [[slideshow]] shortcode and all of its options, refer to Shortcodes - Slideshows.

Displaying other content with your slide show

To understand how and why the x-ic-home page works, and discover the other options for inserting content (e.g. if you wanted to display the slide show with your home page products or other custom content), refer to How do I customise my home page in my Big Cartel admin?

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