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How do I add a page to my Big Cartel shop?

How do I add a page to my Big Cartel shop?

Click the Customize design link in your Big Cartel admin area to launch your customisation tools.

Getting started with your new Aarcade theme at Aarcade

In the Pages panel and click the plus icon at the top right of the page list.

Add a page in Big Cartel

Enter your new page title in the Page name field and ensure that your Show inside theme layout HTML option is checked.

Enter Page Title in Big Cartel

Enter page content into the text box. This can be plain text or you can use HTML tags and in-line styles to customise formatting. Before entering content, note the following:

Add page content as required

For more information on inserting page content, refer to other articles in Creating Pages & Custom Content.

Exit fullscreen mode (if applicable) and click the Done button and then the Save link at the top of the page edit controls. Your new page is now included in your shop page list.

New Page in Big Cartel

The page URL

Note that if you return to the edit area for your new page, the location of the new page is the final segment of your edit area URL. In the above example, the edit area URL for the Terms & Conditions page is:

The final segment of this URL is:


To visit your page in the public space, you add this location to the end of your shop’s home page URL. For example, if the shop home page is,

then the location of the new page in this example would be,

Once you have added a page, you can change its title but you can not change its location. This safeguard is applied to ensure that there are no broken links to your page; for example, if someone has linked to your page from their blog it is important that the URL they used remains unchanged.

The only way to change a page’s URL is to delete it and then re-add it.

Delete a page

To delete a page, click the X icon that appears inline with the page title. For information on how to control the way your Page links are shown in your shop menu, refer to the article How do I edit my navigation menus in my Big Cartel admin?

Your Aarcade Big Cartel theme will automatically include a link to your new page in your shop navigation. If you want to add a link to your new page somewhere else within your store or from an external site, you will need to use a HTML link tag as follows:

<a href="LINKURL">LINKTEXT</a>

Where LINKURL = the destination URL for the link and LINKTEXT could be any text you want to convert to link text. Note that the link tag must be closed with </a>.

In our case the destination URL is, so our complete code now becomes:

<a href="">View Our Terms & Conditions</a>

AarcadeHow do I add a page to my Big Cartel shop?