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How do I add a blog to my Big Cartel shop?

How do I add a blog to my Big Cartel shop?

Our recommended method for quickly incorporating a blog with your Big Cartel shop is to simply link to your blog in your shop navigation. If you do not currently have a blog, you can create a blog for free using our favourite hosted blog app Tumblr.

Most blog platforms - like Tumblr - allow you to install different themes, often free of charge. Many of these themes will have a minimalist design that will match well with your Aarcade Big Cartel theme. Matching your blog fonts and colours to your Aarcade theme is also recommended.

By linking to your blog, all of the features and functions of your blog remain available to your visitor. Incorporating a 3rd party blog into your web space in this manner has become a common and accepted practice, even for larger businesses. Just be sure that your blog includes visible links back to your shop.

To link to your blog in your shop navigation use the x-sp-link special menu item detailed in How do I edit my navigation menus in my Big Cartel admin?

Option 2: Import Your Blog

This is not our preferred option for adding a blog to your shop because only your latest post content is displayed to your visitor. Control over design is limited and important blog features are lost, such as commenting, archive navigation, searching, etc.

However, if having your blog content within your shop layout is your biggest priority and you feel the issues mentioned above are not critical, then importing your blog may be a suitable option for you.

To import your blog posts into any page — including insert content pages — use the import shortcode detailed at Shortcodes - Import Instagram, blogs and other RSS feeds.

AarcadeHow do I add a blog to my Big Cartel shop?