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Getting your home page right

Getting your home page right

Your most important page

Your home page is the most important page of your site. It is typically your first impression upon your visitor. To keep them at your site, make sure your home page has clear and concise content. Consider hierarchy; what’s your most important message and where do you want your visitor to navigate to next?

Make sure your home page has a very clear call to action. For example, you might have a single large image of your new product on your home page with a big bold button “Check Out Our New Widgets” linking to the product page or category.

Keep it clear

Don’t cram your home page with a lot of content (e.g. images, ads, many links, or other elements that compete for attention) that will make your site look spammy, overwhelm your first-time visitor or dilute your main message.

Also keep in mind that too many elements on the home page - i.e. too many slide images, too many products, etc. - can cause your home page to load slowly or even incorrectly on some low-memory devices (like older mobile phones). This can affect search engine ranking and lead to visitors abandoning your shop before you have even had a chance to capture their interest.

Consider all devices

Always check your home page appearance and functionality, on desktop and mobile devices, after making any changes to your site. Consider displaying different home page content for small screen devices (using your Aarcade theme tools) if your current content does not look ideal.

Slideshows, static images or both?

High quality large images, either static or in a slideshow, are undoubtedly the best way to create a big impact. This is why it is a popular choice for home page content. However, be sure to apply what is right for your brand and your customer, rather than simply follow the trend.

Do you want your customer to halt at the home page and view multiple images (a slideshow) or do you have one clear message to drive customers to action (a static image). As discussed in previous sections, you want your home page to load fast, look great on all devices and have clear calls to action. Slide shows will not often tick all of these boxes, so apply them wisely. If you do use them on your home page, keep the slide count low.

Got a lot to say?

If your product needs some explaining, instead of getting wordy on your home page, consider creating a video and linking / embedding it.

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