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Do I need web experience?

Do I need web experience?

No, you do not need web experience. We formed our development group around the core idea of delivering powerful tools to individuals and small businesses that do not have any web experience.

Our unique theme admin area, easy to use themes, extensive clearly-worded support articles and personal responses to support inquiries have enabled hundreds of inexperienced web users to install and customise their Big Cartel theme and shop content with ease.

“No web experience required” does not equal “No learning required”

To use Aarcade themes successfully, you do need to be prepared to read, understand and apply instructions thoroughly and carefully.

The way the Big Cartel platform works with 3rd party themes, coupled with the unique tools that we’ve built into our themes, means that working with your Aarcade theme is not always as simple as “click some buttons and you’re done”. Some methods may seem complex at first glance, but anyone can learn them, and they will quickly become easy and second nature to you as long as you are prepared to take the time to read supporting articles.

If you do not wish to dedicate any time to learning how to work with a new theme and/or you tend to skim support articles and go directly to contacting support if something doesn’t work (rather than more thoroughly referring back to the support articles first), then Aarcade themes is not the solution for you.

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