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Choosing the right web browser

Choosing the right web browser

Your web browser choice is extremely important

We strongly encourage the use of web browser applications that actively support the latest coding standards. By using these applications:

You Benefit: The security, speed and experience of your web browsing is vastly improved. Web pages will be handled more elegantly and will be rendered beautifully.

The Web Benefits: The more people that support the latest coding standards, the less time web developers need to spend on accommodating outdated and lagging web browser applications. This translates directly and considerably to more time spent, by web developers collectively, on moving the web forward based upon the latest standards.

Aarcade is extremely passionate about providing you with the best user experience in all areas of the web as well as contributing to the advancement of the web wherever possible. To help us with this goal, please consider using one of the following web browser applications for all of your web browsing.

If you are currently using a different web browser application, changing to one of the following is free and will take only a few minutes of your time.

The following leading web browsers are available for free:

Keep it updated!

Regardless of the web browser application you use, please make sure that you always have the latest version installed. This is just as important as choosing the right browser.

Upgrade now if necessary!

AarcadeChoosing the right web browser