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Can I purchase just one theme?

Can I purchase just one theme?

The Aarcade theme collection system was created to make it easier to choose the one theme you wish to install to your shop and to provide you with expanding options for changing your theme in the future.

Regardless of whether you change your theme a number of times a year or stick to the one theme forever, the purchase method and price of the collection remains the same and covers the same thing, i.e.

  1. The license to install one theme from your collection to your shop
  2. A private admin area where you can:
    • Test drive any theme in your collection to decide which is the best for your shop and brand.
    • Adjust your theme (colours, fonts, etc.) and preview and save your changes.
    • Easily install the latest version of your chosen theme at any time (including future updates) to your shop with all of your adjustments in place.
    • Preview a growing collection of variations of your chosen theme, as well as new themes in your collection, with the option to switch to one at any time.
    • Add and manage licenses for additional shops.
  3. Access to the unmatched list of powerful features built into your Aarcade theme.
  4. Access to the most extensive Big Cartel theme support site on the web.

You might be certain of the theme you wish to use right now, and that’s a good thing. In fact, we recommend that you limit how often you dramatically change your shop appearance, as a consistent appearance and brand is a positive thing for returning customers.

The Aarcade theme collection system is just one of the many tools provided for your theme purchase. It may be useful to you now or in the future, when you are ready for a change.

AarcadeCan I purchase just one theme?