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Can I make an Aarcade theme look like…?

Can I make an Aarcade theme look like…?

We often get asked if our themes can be made to look like a certain site. As a general response to this answer:

Know The Difference Between Standard and Advanced Customisation

With standard customisation, via your Big Cartel and Aarcade theme tools and features, you can easily change colours, fonts, your header image, background image and many other styles to create a similar feel to any site.

On the other hand, exactly mimicking a site requires changing the dimension and location of layout elements and sometimes changing element behaviour. While these changes are possible, they may require advanced customisation (via CSS, HTML, Big Cartel template code, etc.) which is not supported by Aarcade.

Find Your Colours and Fonts

Using browser developer tools (refer to the web browser tutorial) you can find the colours and fonts that your inspiration site is using. You can then apply similar colours and fonts to your Aarcade theme.

Know How To Edit Your Theme

Our support articles have been provided to help you get familiar with your theme and its numerous inbuilt features. If you take the time to use the support site, you will discover many tools that will allow you to change the look of your theme.

It is one thing to be inspired by another site, but mimicking a site design exactly may be a breach of copyright, is disrespectful to the original site owner and designer and may gain you negative press. Your goal should be to define your own brand and style and not to mimic others.

Know The Roll of Aarcade Support

The roll of Aarcade support is to help you understand how to correctly install your theme and make use of its standard features. Unfortunately we can not provide support for customising your theme specifically to look like a certain design. Providing such support would quickly add up to too much work for our small team and all of our customers would suffer as a result.

AarcadeCan I make an Aarcade theme look like…?