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Can I call or meet with Aarcade?

Can I call or meet with Aarcade?

Aarcade runs without phones. We are an internet company and we believe strongly in the internet as a superior global communication tool. This key business approach plays a major role in allowing our small team to:

  • Provide reduced product and service pricing
  • Maintain scheduling for existing projects and new enquiries
  • Maintain record keeping for all correspondence
  • Accurately contain product and service costs
  • Work internationally, independent of time zones
  • Provide support to all customers equally and fairly

For the same reasons, Aarcade does not attend meetings, either in person or online.

This approach to support communications is common for many online companies, including Big Cartel, and it continues to work successfully for us and all of our customers.

Furthermore it is officially part of our policies and, as such, no exceptions will be made.

AarcadeCan I call or meet with Aarcade?