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An introduction to shortcodes

An introduction to shortcodes

Shortcodes allow you to quickly create complex content by typing a short and simple code. In some cases they are also used to display a global setting or variable. Shortcodes can be used anywhere within page content or product descriptions.

When using shortcodes in pages, you must FIRST switch to HTML mode as detailed in the support article How do I switch to HTML edit mode?

Shortcodes are always written as the shortcode name surrounded by double square brackets. A basic example of shortcode might look like this:

The current year is [[year]]

When your page content is rendered for public viewing, the shortcode is automatically replaced with the correct content:

The current year is 2018

Some shortcodes support options to allow further control of their behaviour (note that multiple options can be specified at once, separated with spaces):

This is a sentence I have written in my page and I would
like to insert a 30px high space below it.

[[clearspace height="30"]]

This is another sentence after the 30px space.

Some shortcodes support or require content to work:

After this sentence I want to add a slide of my own images.

[[slideshow button-nav="thumbnails"]]

A shortcode with content must be surrounded by the shortcode tags and the closing shortcode tag must have a forward slash before the name, e.g. [[/slideshow]]

Shortcode instructions

All shortcode options and instructions are listed in the Shortcodes category.

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